Monday, 11 March 2013


For this week, I've decided I'm going to focus on a few trending pieces that should feature in any and every wardrobe. Starting the week on a professional level, Blazers.. 

Sale and simple: 
Off Asos I bring you the traditional simple black blazer that can add 'professional' to an outfit or even hint at a night on the town. Also in the sale right now, quick buy it here

Daring: I believe that a statement sometimes has to be made, with this blazer you'll definitely be doing that. Being a more summer piece in my eyes this is one of my favourites that Asos have to offer: Buy me 'ere!

Sailor Savvy: I decided to call this the Savvy Sailor blazer because it reminds be obviously a little of a sailor, however fear not it's perfect to wear on land too. In a beautiful blue colour you don't want to miss out on the gem: (It also features in a horizontal pattern too, watch out) Sailors be purchasing here!

My Favourite: A classy boyfriend blazer from Urban Outfitters and by gosh how lovely is it?! It sends off a relaxed vibe that could be worn as work attire or also for a smart day out.. Being totally worth £65, it's going to be worn more than once a blue moon... Please invest here

The spring blue: I call this the spring blue, even if springs being a little delayed at the second due to the awful weather here in the UK. This Blazer doesn't only look great but it's also shaped fantastically to show off those curves! Spring blue buy here?

Sheer elegance: This light pink blazer looks girly yet formal and where is the world without a touch of pink. It's a must buy, and buy it here!

Marmie Bell xx

P.s: Which would you invest in? 

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