Sunday, 3 March 2013

4 Indie Rock Bands you should be listening to

I know I haven't posted for two weeks so I thought I should start March well and get back into posting frequently. So for today it's about 4 bands if not already, you should be listening to.

I went and saw them live last weekend at the NME Awards tour in London. They're a indie rock band and they also have a new album called 'In Love' Coming out on the 25th of this month... Definitely worth pre-ordering if you ask me... 

Best Song: Bloodshake (On EP Delicious)

A band that's in my must see list, having a southern Californian vibe to them making cracking tunes that are a must listen. Having 2 albums with 'Here' being released last May... 

Best Song: Man On Fire (On 'Here' Album)


Only Recently discovering them, they're a really chilled band that you can listen to in any mood. Only having EP's are a real shame but hopefully an album will be out soon (Fingers crossed) 

Best Song:  For All We Know (On For All We Know EP) 

Their new album 'Cannibals With Cutlery' was released on the 24th of Feb this year. It's totally worth buying and I'd recommend it to anyone.. 
My Crooked Saint - EP Free to download here...

Best song: Cold Skin (On Cannibals With Cutlery)

Marmie Bell xx

P.s: Any other suggestions to new music would be greatly appreciated, so comment them! 


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