Friday, 19 April 2013

Cheese on Toast. Nom.

Today I'm here to help you on a really serious matter. Cheese on toast! I am a total freak when it comes down to cheese on toast, so I think it's time that you become one too. Here are three twists to the classic cheese on toasts, that you'd be mad not to try... 

My top 3 'Adventurous' Cheese Toasts:

1.) Classically Red:
This is your average Cheese toasty but instead of a normal Cheddar use a red cheese instead, then finely chop up tomatoes and sprinkle. The mouth watering blend of melted cheese with crisp toast and oozing with flavour and toasted flavoursome tomato...Now I'm hungry.

2.) Cranberry Craver:
 If you like Cranberries this is a must munch! I find that my fridge is always left with wild cheeses, at the second, to my delight Cranberry Stilton. To make the perfect 'Cranberry Craver' I recommend adding onto a buttered slice of toast a mix of Cheddar and Cranberry Stilton. For bursting flavors of Cranberry add Cranberry sauce (The stuff you have with Turkey) to the base of your toast (you can use this instead of butter.) LUSH!
To go the extra mile why not try putting in some cooked bacon? Nom...

3.) Tomato and balsamic vinegar Toasty:
Opposed to the regular tomato and cheese toasty, add on some balsamic vinegar to make an italian feast for a snack. It gives a rich taste that blends with the melted cheese that's perfect for any foodie. To make it look that little bit more appetizing, sprinkle some spicy rocket that gives it a delicious kick at the end. Go on, try it? 

I hope this has made you hungry because it has most definitely made me! 

Marmie Bell xx

P.s: What's your favourite cheese toasty? 

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