Tuesday, 9 April 2013

So long that springs blossomed!

It's been almost a month since i've posted, however in my defence i have been incredibly busy with photoshoots, meeting up with friends and the much loved EASTER! But now spring has neared so i think it's time to make a cheeky post on sunglasses!
Even if it's not hot quite yet, the sun is still there and it's been shining away for the past few days. So i recommend if not done so already, invest in those sunglasses! To give you a helping a hand i've selected my favourites all available to be bought online. Perfect!

Cassie Sunglasses:

Cassie Ainsworth is a character in the brilliant tv show Skins, with her returning to UK tv for the seventh Series. So why not get hot on her style now with sunglasses she wore in the first series. Vintage!

Where to find these Cassie look alikes... Click HERE!

Why not make an investment of it?:

Ray-Bans have always been brilliant and well known, so why not buy one of their stylish new releases? These Wayfarer design sunglasses not only look lush but also have the summer vibe to them. So why not rock out with these floral surfers shades? Go on... Clickety Click Here to invest! 

Go 90's? 

These 90's sunglasses are bang on trend at the moment and being so simple you needn't worry about if they match with your clothes or not! Having a slim sassy frame they'll be great to go all summer and only £16 to, Bargainnn. Buy these before the sunshine goes Here

Give Tortoise shell a whirl? 

Always being a classic pattern but with this style it might give it a new fresh look? Being one of my favourite pairs i've seen so far, Next have impressed me once again. Not only because of the style but because of the price too! I'd say these are the summer musts! Buy them Here!

Marmie Bell xx

P.s: What're your favourite sunnies like? 

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