Sunday, 12 May 2013

Leavers day 2013

The past few days have been emotional roller-coaster and this is due to leaving school (apart from the horrific exams coming up in the next few weeks) So I thought I should make a post of the past few days.


Thursday was the infamous shirt signing day and instead of regular lessons, we had class parties. We all said our goodbyes to our favourite teachers and friends from over the past five years. It was rather sad to wish each other good luck because we're all going our own way for the sixth form. However on the plus side I now have a fully graffiti'd shirt that I'll be treasuring forever. Here are a few cheeky snap shots that sum up the day. (Why did I wear sunglasses inside all day I do not know)

That evening my friends and I went to the school organised 'goodbye party' at a bar. Basically dancing all night long (aka 11pm when it finished.) This was more upbeat and not quite as sad as the day at school. 
As the dress code was Smart/Casual I wore a lace mint green dress from H&m, which is available Here. I would really recommend it as it looks great and is really easy to move in, plus a bargain for just under £20. 


Friday was red carpet ceremony! This was the really special day that everyone had been talking about for ages and there was a reason behind it. Everyone made a real effort and looked stunning (or handsome I suppose.) 
I  personally wore a white floor length dress from Zara available Here. It was such a lovely dress to wear and was perfect for the weather too. After everyone walked down the carpet we had a lovely assembly hosted by the year and the teachers.
 It was really sad to leave but at the same time I felt proud. Here are the photos of the red carpet ceremony, courtesy of The Imperial Art Gallery.

After we left, my group of friends went down to the beach and got lunch in the Albion Hotel. This was really nice and relaxed, just being a lovely afternoon. In the evening after changing out of our gowns we went down to the beach and had our gathering as a year which was our final goodbyes. This was really sweet and I'm going to miss our year as we go our own separate ways. 

I'm really going to miss our year group and now am dreading my GCSE exams, but it's best to get it over and done with. Thank you to everyone that made the 5 years special! 

Marmie Bell xx

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