Thursday, 16 May 2013

Thursday Finds

Here are my up to date favourite songs, new or old they still put a smile on my face and help me through the painful revision. So I hope you like them too...

1. No Waves
With a really quirky intro to their song, I love FIDLAR and how different they are to some other bands out there. Give them a whirl.. Available on Itunes here!!

2. Cassius
My favourite foals song, off of the Antidotes album. Definitely worth listening to and their new album recently released called Holy Fire. Enjoy an oldie!

3. Two Fingers
From the currently very popular Jake Bugg I present Two Fingers. A brilliant song if I do say so. 

4. Always Like This
An old favourite of mine and it still makes me 'Euphoric' now listening to it, bombay bicycle club have a unique sound that relaxes me during revision... 

5. Aint No Reason
Stumbling across this tune thanks to the spotify radio app, I really enjoyed it and added it to my playlist. Now you can enjoy too. 

6. Welcome To Japan
Off of the Strokes new album this is my favourite tune. More relaxed than some of their other songs, I'd recommend it for chilling. Unfortunately not having a official music video yet, hopefully one will be released soon.. Hint? 

7. Don't Forget Who You Are
New from Miles Kane, don't forget who you are is my favourite song of his so far. So don't forget to pre-order his new album expected to be released in June 2013!

8. No Church In The wild
I heard this from The Great Gatsby advert and fell in love with it. Not normally a fan of Kanye West I surprised myself when I found out who this song was by.

9. Sex
Only recently discovering The 1975 I love this song along with another called 'Chocolate' so if you enjoy this, give the other a listen. 

10.  High Hopes
Such a brilliant song and also I love the music video for this one, although last it most definitely isn't least.

I hope you liked my thursday finds!

Marmie Bell xx

P.s: What's your favourite song at the second?

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