Monday, 4 February 2013

Lovely ladies

Leavers day is nearing so I thought I'd try and become a little bit of a fairy godmother (minus the grey hair and old age that they all seem to come with) and hopefully help people on there way as to finding a beautiful gown that they can walk down the red carpet with on the last day. Therefore bringing me to an excuse to search endlessly for dresses that I can only dream of all owning! 

The Favourite One At This Current Second (It changes daily): 

The Simple One (That surely with the right accessories will look a million dollars): 
Where to find it: Simple to buy too

The Girly Girl One (Add a tiara and hopefully prince charming will be attending just to whisk you away!):

Where to find it: Your Highness

The Grunge One (I'll say this is from a charity shop but really it took forever to find): 
Where to find it: La Link

The Vintage Styled One: 

Where to find it:  Buy Me?

The Red Carpet One: 

The Bold One (That we all secretly wish we were brave enough to wear): 

Where to find it: Twinkle Twinkle lil dress

The Lace One: 
Where to find it: Top of the shops

The Cut Out One: 
Where to find it: Click Click

Marmies Secret Shops (But shhh they're secrets):

So hopefully you'll find your perfect dress soon!

Marmie Bell xx

P.s: Link me your leavers dress?

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