Sunday, 10 February 2013

Top 3 girl crushes

I thought it was about time to show off the top 3 people that I aspire to, as who we look up to plays a huge role on the self that we are. So without another second wasted here are my top 3 girl crushes (in no particular order)

Alexa Chung:

Who doesn't have a girl crush on Alexa Chung? Seriously... Always looking stunning and never having a bad wardrobe day, I think that this girl crush is most definitely justified! Also having dated the legendary Alex Turner the envy of her just increases and increases!

Gillian Zinser:

This came about via 90210 where I loved her playing the role of Ivy, then after a little Tumblr searching of her I discovered that she had her own Tumblr, that I absolutely now adore! Always having really good tunes and funky pictures, it is the type of classy Tumblr I ought to aspire too. Click here for Gillians Tumblr

Fearne Cotton:

Fearne, Fearne, Fearne, what can I say? Well she's utterly cool and makes Radio1 even more worth listening to. Also dead stylish, even now she's expecting a baby! Having a great sense in music, I just can't get enough!

Although only a short inside post to my top 3 girl crushes I hope you enjoyed! 

Marmie Bell xx

P.s: Who are your top 3 girl/guy crushes? 

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