Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Obtaining jewellery of a classy standard

I don't think I am alone when it comes to absolutely loving jewellery! So I decided that after sorting out my bedroom that I'd do a post on my favourite 3 'obtained' jewellery pieces! 

Making it to it's much much much deserved first place spot is a piece that I've had so centuries!
The beautiful pearl necklace. This I obtained as a young child off of my Nana when we used to play jewellery shops. So here is the elegant gem:

Numero dos! This is my tribal favourite, obtained as a birthday gift donkeys years ago, from my long time best friend in a hamper filled with other treasures. Thank you muchly for this one: 

Thirdly, my Rhino amulet. This hasn't got a cool story but I'll try to make it sound interesting... As I was running extremely early for a rendezvous with my dentist, I decided to take a prolonged search through a charity store. Upon my search I came across many a dazzling piece, however I only had £2 on me as the train ticket was overly priced. Almost disappointed with myself for not finding anything I walked head down towards the door (the shame of not buying anything I ogled ) Almost foot out of the store I stopped and saw this wooden Amulet and scooped it up. To my relief was only £1.50! BARGAIN... So this is how my Rhino Amulet found its way home to it's rightful owner (me) and here's the evidence: 

Hopefully you liked my pieces as much as i do! 

Marmie Bell  xx

P.s: What is your favourite obtained piece? (Jewellery or not..)

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