Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Helping hand on the revision front!

As my friends and I have our science GCSE's coming up really shortly (guys if you're reading this don't panic we will pull through!) I thought it'd be a nice idea to post about how to revise...Marmie style! 

First of all find a place that isn't noisy, crammed and generally aggravating to sit in. Then scatter (gently...) the resources that you're going to use all around. Having things fixed makes you feel like a robot, and I don't think that that is a generally good idea or is it? 
Then I'd say you've got to put yourself in that revision mood... I'm not entirely sure as to how other people do it, however I use this really helpful website. 

Basically what it does it sets a little scenery in the background, you chose how long you want it to last and if you want guidance (USE GUIDANCE OKAY!) Then off you go with some calming sounds and a reassuring man that really helps you get to that nice steady state. Once the session is up you should be feeling pretty relaxed. Which is then a good time to shatter that calm, do nothing mood with stealthy revision. Which comes to my next point, you really don't want to be cramming everything in at once! So do it slowly piece by piece until you understand. My mum once told me that it's better to ace something than to faff about on topics and not know enough to get you the marks. When I realised that she was utterly correct, I took heed in her advice... So please do so also... 
Next is snack, okay what is better than eating your favourite cake or biscuits whilst reading about isotopes or Gamma radiation? Nothing. Absolutely naff all. So Indulge and eat those calories that your brain will mentally burn off. (If you do biology you will realise that hardly any calories are actually burned using your brain, so don't say that I warned you.)  
Which leads me to my last point which is be creative with revision and don't make it a drain, Spice it up by reading out loud with a funny accent. I do this, regularly in a god awful Australian accent. However I know that Sheila (my Australian self) understood what she has just read! 

I hope you found this useful.

Marmie Bell xx

P.s: If you have any revision tips feel free to comment!

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