Monday, 7 January 2013

The new year, a couple days in.

It's now a couple days into the new year and so far we've survived (well I'm presuming that you have, otherwise I'm baffled as to how you're reading my post.) So I'd like to congratulate you and wish you a happy new year, although it may be a few days late on my behalf.
Today I decided now that school is back into full swing, I'd like to bring up the oh so familiar 'New Year Resolutions.' Kick starting with my ones:

1.) Read 150 books - So far I have started 1, which for those that are interested, it is John Greens 'Paper Towns'. SO FAR INTRIGUED!
2.) Keep my room tidy - Which is already proving to be a challenge as I as you'll possibly get to know am the most untidy human one could ever meet.
3.) Enjoy life a little bit more (Euphoria) - This one I thought was sweet and a good idea to set myself on, because who wants to make their resolution; "Be a sad miserable toad and slump around till 2014"?
4.) Learn and grow - For those that actually know me I really needn't literally grow, otherwise I will have to slump underneath a door frame to get through. Which doesn't seem like an exiting thing to do and it'll also be bad on my already awful posture!
5.) Yellow - Interpret this as you wish however, I've done so as buying a new bag in the most vibrant of Yellows and invested in some extra-ordinarily bright nail varnish. Retail therapy is a must!

Actually I ought to leave you on this note, as I don't want to already break one of my new years resolutions this early and tidy thy room, as there are lingering 3 glasses, 2 plates and a pile of laundry to hang up!

Marmie Bell! xx

P.s: Leave your New Year Resolutions in the comments box, I'd love to hear them!


  1. 1. Go on more adventures (find cute little forests to camp in, spend a day in a mystery town, go to crazy parties, gigs...)
    2. Become a more me-ish version of myself, as if my life is a tv programme and i have to chose my wardrobe and stuff if that makes sense... Basically i plan this year to be as unique as possible.
    3. Euphoria. (ditto, sorry is that a cop-out? ;) )
    4. Be as utterly honest as i can, i realise now that it is clichedly (if that's a word? Sorry i'm French) the best policy.
    5. Eat stuff that has colour, like fruit and veg, i am in a pretty food phase.


  2. Cutie! Sounds good to me? Yeti? ;) xx