Saturday, 12 January 2013

Winter bag rush? YES PLEASE

It’s now midwinter and springs not coming quite soon enough yet, so instead of spending your cash on a knit that you’ll only get to wear a few times before next season, why not try and grab yourself a brand new bag? It’s logic.
To help you on your way to finding that beauty that’s going to brighten up your wardrobe I've picked out my favourite top 10:

The Classic In Yellow

Being No. 1 means it's got to be a jolly good bag and what doesn't hold the place better than the Classic Satchel? Being all the rage at the moment and seen on the likes of Alexa Chung, Zooey Deschanel and Fearne Cotton, it's definitely a must must must buy!
2.) Asos
Backpack With Mini Floral Cut Out In Mint

Firmly standing at No. 2 is this beautiful Backpack that Asos have once again wowed us with. Being incredibly stylish and affordable, why not add it to your basket? I know I would...
Amazing Phoebe Embroidered Hardcase Clutch In Grey (Metallics)

This may not be for every day, but for an evening out it would be Perfect. Glamorous and beautifully embroidered, it'll make any outfit a winner. 

4.) Topshop
Croc Lady Tote In Blood
Dazzling the No. 4 spot is the Croc Lady Tote In Blood. This Tote is a must have statement to add to any wardrobe. Dressing up a simple outfit, bold and dashing, who could resist?

Contrast Strap Messenger Bag In Beige 
This treat at No 5. comes in a Variety of colours giving a twist on the normal messenger bag. A day bag that can easily be transformed for all occasions. Don't shoot the messenger, thank it for this heavenly bag.

Satchel Bag In Pink

This bright pink bag has well earned its way to the number 4 position on my bag list, and you can most definitely see why! Perfectly coordinated with this season trends and also practical. Could also be styled for just a casual day or it could styled up for a girls night out. Dandy stuff...
The Reavley Backpack In Blue Floral
This vintage styled backpack is practical and stunning. Large in size for great to be an overnight or school bag? Hmmm both? Also currently in the sale, quick quick before the last one goes. 

Pocket Duffle Bag In Navy
Modestly at No. 8 is this simple navy duffle bag is perfect to sling everything and anything in, great value for money too.

Baxter Grab In Tan

You Cannot beat a leather bag and Mischa makes sure that we remember this! Being absolutely stunning yet simple, making it also a simple purchase. 

Oversized Messenger Bag In Black

Last but not least this oversized messenger bag, that is as grunge as it gets. Comes also in Brown and perfect for any other day and large enough to suit as a school bag.

Hope you love these bags as much as I do!

Marmie Bell xx

P.s: Feel free to leave a link to your favourite/dream bag in the link below, I'd love to see!


  1. Loove the yellow Cambridge Satchel :) x

    1. Thank you, me too it's an absolute beauty! I think everyone needs to invest in one!

      Marmie xx